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We all know that web sites do not exist in a vacuum� but imagine for a moment that they did.

In your mind�s eye picture each site spinning in an inky void, some � the largest � like stars, while others form planets, moons, asteroids and other cosmic stuff. Some sites embrace each other as orbiting companions, and still others form clusters and belts and entire galaxies that spin, dance or wobble through the void.

At the controls of your trusty browser you zoom at will from one site to the next, unconstrained by time or distance. You can feel in your bones the competing attractions of these cosmic bodies � the unrelenting tug of the greater stars, the anxious appeal of still-forming protoplanets. While you cannot see them, it�s easy to imagine the waves of attraction rippling outward from each distant sun, and every hidden moon.

This fundamental force, this� virtual gravity, shapes this virtual world as it alters the way the planets dance. I believe a similar force, let�s call it eGravity, shapes the only slightly less virtual World Wide Web today.

In the coming weeks I�ll be returning to this idea often, as I attempt to further explore and refine my concepts of eGravity. Stay tuned. Or, if you like you can send me email and I�ll let you know when I�ve updated Bloggle with additional eGravity material.

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