My Thanksgiving holiday went as all such events should… family, football, turkey and far too many trimmings. The holiday beast was roasted on the grill again this year, to rave reviews. (Thank you, thank-you-very-much.) Afterwards there was Christmas music [yes, I start playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving] and shopping. The shopping part was new for me… I’m typically a last-minute-shopper kind of guy.

So maybe it was the shopping?

In any case, Monday eventually rolled around and I diligently started work on a presentation I was scheduled to give at a conference on the 28th. Wednesday… two days away. Plenty of time.

And then I spoke to Mike… the sales guy. We chatted about some final logistics of the conference. I’m to speak for 45 minutes now instead of 30. No problem. Mike closes our conversation with “see ya tomorrow.”

Now Mike is a joker… lots of sales guys are. But he didn’t exactly sound like he was joking.

“Tomorrow?” I say… “you mean Wednesday.”

“Um… no. The conference is tomorrow. Tuesday. The 28th.”

Now I probably say something like, “Right! Tomorrow. Great!” And of course, what I’m thinking is “shit, shit, shit” which is the grand Cadmus traditional curse. (That one I can blame on Mom.)

So I do some serious work on the presentation, which is suddenly tomorrow. And I’m still working on the presentation when it is tomorrow.

Happily enough, I finished. And reviews have been good.

And if it works for you, well… blame me.

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