I’ve been WAPped.
After reading one report after another about the adventures offered by WAP and mobile commerce in general, I decided it was time to get some first-hand experience. So, over the weekend I picked up a shiny new web-enabled PCS phone. [Specifically, the Sanyo SCP-4500. It’s feature-packed, and appears to get exceptional battery-life. Recommended, so far.]

A summary of the results:

  • In terms of essential usability, the wireless web performs poorly.
  • In terms of utility… it’s seriously cool.

In the course of my browsing so far, I’ve been able to send and receive email, start my Christmas shopping at Amazon, download local news and weather reports, and read WIRED News and ZDNet through AvantGo’s WAP service. Maybe niftiest of all, I can read this site, which is not currently offered as a WAP service, through an HTML to WAP translator offered by Google.

My experience has been mixed…it’s not easy viewing the web through a 16-character by 5-line display. [Nor, I imagine, is it easy to write for such a limited mini-browser.] For me, the capabilities of mobile web access outweigh the shortcomings. Meanwhile I’ll be doing some informal tests with an array of people to see how “real people” react to the experience.

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