A bonus offline shopping story!

On a recent trip to a real-world bookstore I found myself wandering in circles to find books related to typographic design. Books about Adobe Illustrator were in the “computers” section, on a shelf that was pretty much exclusively Adobe volumes. Except, of course, for books that dealt with Adobe Photoshop. They, too, were in the “computers” section, but on the shelves labeled “web design” some twenty feet and several aisles away.

I would have completely failed to find books specifically related to typographic text effects were it not for an in-store search computer… which turned out to be some five feet from my target, a section labeled “Art / Design / Criticism”. [Go figure.]

Online, I expect a similar search would have taken less than 15 minutes. Offline, the experience took me nearly two hours. Of course, this particular experience [comparing a number of books’ ability to explore visual design without resorting to the tired “here’s a bunch of nifty logos!” approach] would be difficult to duplicate online. For now.

For the record, I found a gem of a book called “Idea Index” by Jim Krause. Exactly what I was looking for.

[Image: Sea Turtle]

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