Most evenings these days find me writing, revising and polishing a business plan. I want to start a coffee shop. A roastery. I’ve long had a passion for great coffee, and some day I’d like to devote a significant chunk of my time and energy to it.

My business plan speaks a lot about quality, and craftsmanship. It talks about teaching my customers, and learning from them. It’s centered around a uncompromising product, unequaled service, and a rewarding customer experience.

I don’t have an exit strategy. I don’t have a need for one. I don’t want to sell my business, and I don’t particularly care to invite investors. I plan to fix my focus squarely on my customers — shareholders would demand that I divide my focus, and my customers would suffer for it. Anyway, I don’t plan to be a big company, I plan to be a great company.

It’s a pretty simple plan, really. So I’m left to wonder — why are there so very few companies that execute like this?

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