In a c|net interview

of a senior analyst with IDC, I was impressed by the analyst’s take on the state of Internet commerce. The interview detailed a few “perception vs. reality” issues, the first of which was the myth that B2C is dead. The c|net anchor wondered if we hadn’t already played the B2C card… having moved on to things like B2B, and B2E [and I think P2P got a mention, too, though I don’t see how it fit.] The IDC analyst offered that, despite the fairly spectacular failures of some very visible pure play Internet retailers, the number of brick n’ mortar companies selling to online customers will double this year.

I’d imagine there are a bunch of brick n’ mortar companies that are still trying to figure out how to sell direct over the Net without suffering backlash from their other sales channels. I’d wager quite a few of them figure out how to go about it this year.

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