Roast of the day: Tanzania Peaberry, Northern District, 00/01 crop.

I’m struggling to get a handle on this bean. I like peaberry coffees. A lot. [A peaberry coffee, by the way, is kind of an oddity. Normally a coffee cherry produces two, flat beans. Some cherries – about 5 percent – produce a single, rounded bean which is more dense than the flat beans. Peaberry coffee is sorted out and sold at a bit of a premium, just for folks like me who think there’s some more flavor to be found in the denser bean.] Anyway… because these Tanzanian peaberry beans are not only round, but small, they roast *very* fast. That, in combination with my small air-roaster, means that I’ve absolutely got to be on my toes when I’m roasting, as the roast degree changes by the nanosecond [or so it seems.]

I’ve roasted this one to varying degrees, from a light city [too acidic] to a medium full city [often very bright, still]. I’m not sure if the brightness isn’t as much a result of the very speedy roast time, or if I need to be roasting darker yet to smooth it out a bit. What I should do is a progressive roast and subsequent cupping, then pick the roast profile I like best. Of course, that implies that I need to do something in an ordered fashion, which I’m nearly always reluctant to do.

The things I do for coffee….

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