I tried the new Costa Rica Tarrazu Tres Rios on the gang at a morning meeting. They gave it an unsolicited thumbs up. I’m reserving judgment… it’s maybe a bit too mild for me. Which likely means my better half will like it very much.

The Papa New Guinea Mile High Estate is a really spiffy coffee, though. When I finally got around to roasting some [quite late tonight] I was a bit preoccupied with other things, and it had slipped into the first few snaps of second crack before I could get back to it. It seems to be something less than a hard bean–having only just hit a full city roast, I think I’d probably roasted away some of its origin characteristics, and it had a smokey layer of flavor to it. What really strikes me, though, is that it’s flavor is at once reminiscent of both an Indonesian coffee [like a Sumatra] and a Kenya AA. I’ll be very interested to see what turns up in a lighter roast… I’ll wait till tomorrow though, when I can be sure I’m giving it my full attention.

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