Always fun to get a new shipment of coffee that I’ve never cupped before. Among the new arrivals is a blended Costa Rican Tarrazu–Tres Rios–that’s gotten a spiffy review from my green dealer. All the more intriguing that he’s so excited about a regional blend as opposed to the usual single origin coffee. I roasted some late tonight and look forward to trying it at breakfast.

Also just in: A Papua New Guinea I’ve been wanting to try, and a fresh supply of Dominican Monte Verde Estate, which I ran out of just about the time that my better half was telling me how much she liked it. [Figures, right?]

In the works–an addition to the brewing articles–brewing with a cafetiere, or press pot. I snapped a gazillion photos this weekend for a photo-essay type of layout. [Mom called shortly after I’d finished shooting. “So what’ve you been up to?” Um… taking pictures. “Of what?” Er… a coffee pot. The line goes silent for a moment. Then I’m certain I hear giggling.]

I wonder sometimes, what my parents think, now that I’m pretty much grown up. I imagine it’s something like “Well, at least we can’t be held responsible for that.”

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