I hope you’re sitting down.

Maybe I should start by thanking you for all those years that you really came through for me. The drum set for my fifth Christmas completely blew me away. And even though I never really showed much talent for it [despite Dad’s best intentions with that Sandy Nelson album] I enjoyed thumping on it, anyway.

The sled when I was 8 was a real winner… I couldn’t count the hours we kids spent sledding Pee Dee Hill — little maniacs hurtling headfirst down that frozen track — and the long, shivering walk back home, where Mom’s hot chocolate waited.

When I stop and think about it, you’ve been awfully generous. And I understand that some of my requests simply weren’t very practical — the pony, for example. And sometimes I got a little carried away… like last year’s Aeron chair. This year, things are different. Really.

Santa, this year, all I want for Christmas is a job.

I don’t really care if it comes with a nifty title, or a huge salary. It’s just that… well, I *still* think it’s important that web sites be easy to use. Easy to understand. Easy to navigate. And I can’t help but believe there’s a company out there that thinks the same way, and could use somebody like me.

So Santa, maybe you could play matchmaker… or maybe just point somebody at my resume?

Thanks, Santa. Look for milk and cookies as always. Espresso chcocolate-chip this year.

Best wishes,


P.S. Um… world peace would be cool, too.

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