This evening at the local Borders I ordered a double espresso. This is *not* something I would ordinarily do… in-store coffee shops have a dismal track record in my book, serving coffee that is all over the map in terms of quality. But the two young ladies behind the counter were 1) clearly interested in whether the customers they’d just served liked their coffee, and 2) clearly having a very good time.

Me: I’d like a double espresso.
Girl #1: Great! [beaming smile] Would you like in one of our really *cute* little cups?
Girl #2: [raises a cup and saucer in a pose that would do Vanna White proud.]
Me: Absolutely!

I should note: this is the first time I’ve *ever* been offered a real cup — I’ve always had to state my own preference — even in specialty coffee shops that should know better.

[grinder noises. tamping noises. grunting noises. grunting?]

I catch bits and pieces of the girls’ conversation… I hear “tweaked the grinder” and “about forty pounds” and “look! It’s perfect!”. Beaming, Girl #2 sets a cup on the counter. It’s about 2.5 ounces, the crema is slightly pale. I try it… and it’s not bad. It’s not bad at all.

What’s more, it was a very positive customer experience… the girls behind the counter were clearly trying very hard, and taking pride in their efforts. They get extra points for style… and enthusiasm.

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