It’s been a challenge to write much of anything today, between far too many blue-screens [I’m behind in my Windows re-install regimen] and today’s incredible Olympic hockey schedule [go, USA!] I find myself rebooting and cursing between periods. I’m watching games that are massively time-shifted by CNBC and MSNBC as my TiVo is misbehaving… so I stick my fingers in my ears every time the play-by-play turns to discussion of games that I haven’t seen yet. I’m gonna watch the Czech Republic and Belarus matches if I have to stay up all night to catch ’em. And I probably will.

Add to this dogpile the fact that my better half is under the weather with something flu-like, her parents are visiting [her mother also has something flu-like] and I’ve had grocery shopping to do and dinner to cook…

Of course, I did manage to roast a couple pounds of coffee. A man’s gotta have his priorities.

If you haven’t sampled any of this season’s Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate, you really should. It’s a gold medal contender.

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