I have been working like a duck to redesign Bloggle. It’s a venture that proceeds in fits and starts. Most of the fits arise from the frustrating state of CSS… it’s supported rather well by recent browser versions, supported poorly by older browsers, and supported not at all by most every development tool that I’ve used for the last several years. A full CSS/XHTML revamp will happen on these pages… it will, however, happen more slowly than I’d like.

Aside from the technical bits, the *design* progress, too, has been touch and go. I have been wresting with notions of simplicity, to the extent that the design process has felt far more like un-design — my efforts to simplify, simplify, simplify feel not only unadorned, but uninteresting and unappealing. It was only late this evening [er… early this morning] that I discovered the pebble in my shoe. I have been confusing simplicity with clarity.

This discovery has given me a significant new direction… now if I can just make it work.

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