It wasn’t long ago that I waxed happily on the Whole Foods Market that’s recently made its debut in my neck of the woods. I still like the store. A lot. I do, however, wish they’d be a bit more mindful of their coffee roasting operation. This last weekend I picked up a few roasted samples, and was alarmed to find green [unroasted] coffee beans mixed in the roasted coffee bins. I’d expect a green encounter like this could end in tears, either from a puckerful cup, or — more likely — a damaged grinder.

And, while the nifty JavaMaster in-store coffee roaster has a ‘lectronic brain, it’s not perfect… their Allegro Blend was distinctly under-roasted [either that, or I missed a green bean that snuck in the pot] while their Moka-Java blend had quite a bit more of a roast than was really necessary. More to the point, it had more of a roast on it than I remember from my last trip.

And they still won’t sell me green coffee. [sigh]

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