I wouldn’t have imagined that my reentrance to the workaday world would have impacted my writing so much… and it didn’t. It merely altered *when* I write, and *that* in turn is what’s impacted my writing. I believe I’ve mentally traversed the time-shift, so it’s more than time to resume.

As I write, the SCAA conference is coming to a close, far away in Anaheim, CA. I’d hoped to attend this year… it just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I’m feeding off the reports that other conference-goers have generously offered: notably, Barry Jarrett has logged his highlights in alt.coffee, and Mark Prince has just completed the first of his epic accounts at Coffee Geek. It’s the next best thing to being there.

High on my do-list is completing my reviews of the Two Loons sampler, and ending up where I was going with my journal of brewing a great cuppa in the office. Also just ’round the corner, some origin coffees from Coffee Bean Corral.

Back in the saddle, again…

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