I have fifteen pounds of just-delivered green coffee sitting on my kitchen counter… the first coffee delivery I’ve had since –eek!– May? June?

I’ve restocked my staples… Costa Rica Tres Rios La Magnolia and Papua New Guinea Kimel. Each is a winning single-origin cup, and the two together make up my “house blend.” And, as I’ve *finally* worked through a Kenya overstock, I picked up some of the promising new Karumandi origin.

Roasting is no longer a daily affair at chez Cadmus. My hopped-up Hearthware Gourmet is gathering dust in the garage. Instead, I’m roasting once a week or so — about a pound of coffee at a time — on my Weber gas grill. I’ve assembled a pretty nifty drum roaster from a perforated, stainless-steel waste-paper basket and an electric rotisserie [details to come…].

The results? Yummy.

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