If you’re wondering what might make the perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your life [hint: pre-ground, flavored coffee may not result in squeals of delight] you may need to look no further than CoffeeGeek’s Holiday Gift List. Personal favorites…

Under $20
A tres nifty stainless steel knockbox… small footprint, heavy rubber base, and you can toss it in the dishwasher with nary a care.

Under $100
Got milk? Get a mini-fridge. Just the ticket when you and your contraband coffee pot are a league too far from the office kitchen.

Under $250
An auto-drip that’s better than a Bunn? Sure! It’s the Bunn Thermal Carafe Brewer. Ditch the warmer plate and brew direct into an all-steel twin-walled carafe. It’s about time.

Finally, if you’re of a mind to give a gift that gives twice, you need look no further than the supreme beans of compassion at Coffee Kids… a tiny non-profit group with a big heart, and a super reputation for successful programs. Give a gift from the Coffee Kids store… and rest assured that your dollars are going to make a difference.

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