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My first taste of the Guatemala Coban “Tanchi” left me wondering if I dipped into the wrong bin at roast time. This coffee has stellar acidity that reminds me very much of the powerhouse Ethiopian Yrgacheffe that Barry Jarrett tossed into the Mystery Cup Challenge. The two origins, mind you, are half-way across the world.

This is a delightful coffee! Just-ground it’s its fragrance is spicy and hugely complex. Brewed, its aroma is lively with notes of Ceylon tea and cedar. Take a sip and — wham! — there’s that amazing brightness, followed in turn by flavors of black tea, burgundy and wood. It’s squarely in the middles in terms of body, and it’s finish is clean and crisp and just a little tannic.

Clearly, this would be an intriguing addition to my Christmas blend, but it’s such a remarkable single-origin cup, it might be a shame to blend it.

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