I pre-ordered Cory’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom from Amazon. Round about the time I got it, Cory announced that the novel would be freely available for download in its entirety. [His publisher must love him.] When it comes to reading a novel, I still prefer books to bits, and – either way – this one is a spiffy read.

I was unavoidably transported to my twenty-something days, sneaking a Disney job interview into a business trip to Anaheim. I got a short “insiders” tour that I’ll never forget. [Did you know there’s a small half-court inside the Matterhorn?] After a second interview that day I learned that all Disney cast members had to be clean-shaven. [!] I wonder how many other would-be-Imagineers have chosen other paths, unwilling to give up their beards? But I digress.

The ‘lectronic version of Down and Out is made available via a Creative Commons license – a new way to protect as little or as much of your copyright as you care to. I’m intrigued, and as I learn more I’m increasingly inclined to make the entirety of Bloggle available under a similar CC license. It seems a nifty way to make my lil’ contribution to the Public Domain.

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