It’s been a tremendous fun weekend, performance-wise. Friday evening the little improv company that I play with – Commedia Sans Arte – was featured at the Just Off Broadway theatre in Kansas City.

While we’ve taken the stage together more than a hundred times at Renaissance Festivals, this show marks our first *real* gig this side of the 16th century… which means it’s the first time we actually played to a space where we actually had control over the technical aspects – sound, lighting and the like – and didn’t have to compete with what was happening in the lanes, or the merchants hawking their wares just down the way. And I find myself hard-pressed to describe just how right it felt to do a film noir translation scene with a guy in the background thrumbing a slinky, swingy beat on a stand-up bass. Good fun.

And then Saturday evening herself and I attended a fabulous concert by Cherish The Ladies… Irish music, traditional and slightly less so, fronted by the amazing Joanie Madden on the penny whistle [high and low] and flute. And just a coupla blocks from home. ; )

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