Now *there’s* a double-edged sword.
Supertasters – those lucky few who pack an extra parcel of taste buds on their tongues – are apparently at an increased risk of a number of cancers. It would appear to be a diet thing… supertasters don’t like the taste of foods that are good for them. Hey, does that mean *I’m* a supertaster? I’ve wondered… and one of these days I’ll get around to testing.

The relevance? While the article above suggests that supertasters don’t care for coffee [it’s too bitter] the truth of the matter is that there’s quite a number of supertasters involved in the coffee trade. Unlike the dreck you’ll find in a can, specialty coffee is *not* too bitter… and the more adept palate of a supertaster can identify nuances that might escape many of the rest of us.

Are you a supertaster? There’s actually a very simple method that you can try at home that doesn’t involve minute amounts of flavors administered by a guy in a lab coat, but just a little bit of blue food coloring. Note to self: this’ll probably get messy… and maybe shouldn’t happen *before* going to the office.

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