Smithsonian Magazine recently followed along on a trip to origin in Nicaragua led by Thanksgiving Coffee’s outspoken Paul Katzeff. Along for the ride, apparently, [the story doesn’t stray too far from Katzeff’s tale] are Counter Culture’s Peter Giuliano and good friends Geoff Watts and Doug Zell from Intelligentsia. Catch our erstwhile cuppers in action…

“I got a Baby Ruth vibe from that one,� says Peter Giuliano, his dark eyes shining behind thickrimmed black glasses. “There was a lot of a real caramel, nutty taste that turned me on, though on balance it was too forward.� Giuliano’s title is master roaster and green coffee buyer for Counter Culture Coffee, in Durham, North Carolina.

Across the table, the tall and bearded Geoff Watts, director of coffee for Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters, shakes his head. “I thought it was leathery—in a dry, leathery way,� he says.

Okay, so that isn’t likely to be Geoff’s favorite quote. 😉

Look beyond Katzeff’s casual dismissal of a lot of other people’s hard work in terms of Organics and Fair Trade, and you can find some good stuff here…

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