I see that Doug Zell, Geoff Watts and the gang at Intelligentsia snagged what looks to me like the most intriguing pick of the latest El Salvador Cup of Excellence lots, the number three finisher, Las Nubitas. The jury quotes paint a lovely palate:

“…red apples, very sweet, tangerine, long lasting after taste, rich complex flavor, winey, apricot caramel, sweet belgium chocolate.”

Doug! Geoff! Send a pound this way!

Also jurying in El Salvador, and later bidding on [and winning three COE lots] is Tom Owen of Sweet Maria’s. I haven’t had the opportunity to roast my own recently and as a result Tom’s name hasn’t showed up here lately… so I’ll take this opportunity to point out that Tom remains my number-one-favorite home-roasting greenie provider.

Don’t miss Tom’s movie of his El Salvador visit, and while you’re at his site, check out his superb green coffee offerings, and his tremendous [if labyrinthine] resource library.

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