SFGATE.com chimes in with a refreshingly well-researched piece on home coffee roasting, following the saga of one consumer who’s tumbled down the same, increasingly obsessive path as your trusty author…

“Lundblad is part of a tiny, slow-growing underground of coffee drinkers who treat their daily brew with the same respect many people give wine. Home roasting allows them to buy premium beans at bargain prices, choose from many varieties of coffee and vary the roasting level from light to dark.

On a dozen or more Web sites [Ed. note: more, lots more!!] they trade tasting notes (‘fruity’ and ‘bright’) about beans from this hill in Kenya or that farm in Guatemala, about roasting techniques, instructions for pulling the perfect espresso, and equipment reviews. “

A hobby that pretty much guarantees a great result even if you’re not terribly talented or experienced, and allows you to play with fire…? Definitely a recipe for obsession.

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