Don Holly’s just back from Italy, having spent 8 days or so touring Italian coffee houses — leading an SCAA tour, actually — from Tourin, to Florence to Venice and then to Trieste for the first round of the WBC championships. Spent lunch today watching his slide show and trying to keep my skin from visibly turning green. [Envy, envy, envy.] I’ll snag a few pictures to post here soon as I can.

It’s amazing the diversity of cafes in Italy: from the grand, gilt salons — coffee palaces, actually — that have plied their trade in the same space since the 18th century… to the sleek, ultra-chic concept cafes joined at the hip with the latest Italian fashion designers [replete with perpetually-looped runway fashion shows on the wall of television screens]. Something for everybody, it seems.

So, how many cafe options do you have in your town?

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