while the adult — um, the proprietor, dougie — is away, time for the children to play! i might sweep up when i’m done, but don’t count on it. . .

fortune here, of bccy & scaa consumer membership fame. while dougie breaks half of what he owns moving, and then loses the rest, i’m here to write about the world’s most passionate and romantic beverage: coffee.

i have the pleasure of living in noo yawk sit-ay, where the weather today is unbearably hot and humid. i love hot weather, because to my mind it an opportunity to drink iced coffee!

and today i delighted in a tall glass of chilled guatemala antigua shb (strictly hard bean, which means it’s high-altitude java, the very best kind) from don schoenholt’s gillies. i cupped this coffee before i made it up in the cafetiére (better known to you travellers on this odyssey as the french press).

lemme describe this coffee: the dry grounds offered a beautiful floral scent, very similar to jasmine. when slurped, i delighted in roasted hazelnut and basalmic rice flavors. and the aftertaste presented a pleasant caramel-ly almost maple syrup feeling. . .the taste hovered between bright and tangy.

i felt the tangy, wine-like sensation increase a bit as the brew cooled. it’s just a yummy coffee, which i poured over coffee ice cubes i made with some left-over sumatra.

i also freeze up extra coffee in the ice cube tray. as soon as it’s solid, i pop the cubes into a sturdy zip-loc freezer bag.

this gives me joy of refreshing iced coffee without the dilution regular ice cubes offer. . . highly recommended.

hey, watch out — don’t step in that pile of coffee grounds now! doug will be very upset if we spread coffee all over his nice clean rug. . .

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