Perhaps channeling Baba Budan, Ken David’s latest round of coffee reviews zooms in on coffees of India; from the subtly sweet Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold [can’t help but giggle every time I read that] to the funky, fat and fuzzy flavors of Monsooned Malabars.
My own experience of roasting Indian coffees is mixed. I roasted up some of last year’s Mysore Nuggets and was left wanting: too subtle for me, I guess. Balanced, but not noteworthy. The Monsooned coffees are a lot of fun — ‘specially when served to unsuspecting guests on Halloween — and they can add a bit of oomph to a blend that needs a little funk.

And one simply cannot talk about Indian coffees without mentioning the esteemed Dr. John, who’s Malabar Gold espresso blend is the undisputed champion of Indian coffees… find a ‘spresso bar that serves it, and get a cappa. You’ll be amazed.

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