Cory Doctorow posts on tethering… using technology to leash you to a particular product [read, blades for your razor, music for your iPod, or coffee for your pod machine. You knew there had to be coffee here somewhere, right?] The root of the post links to a spiffy editorial from the author of The Anarchist in the Library:

“So we looked on with enthusiasm at the new pressurized personal coffee makers. They push hot water through a sealed “pod” filled with a precise measure of coffee. It was neat, slick, well-designed, and promised a strong, good, dependable dose. It’s the same technology that supplies those surprisingly good coffee available from coin machines in public spaces in Europe.

After a half-hour of debating the pros and cons of such a radical “format shift,” we left without one of these cool new machines. We opted out because these specialized “pods” are essentially “tethered” to this brand of coffee maker. “

The argument runs parallel to prior posts within these pages on the Senseo and its extremely limited coffee offerings, and not a single socially responsible coffee among them.

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