Summer’s here, and livin’ is breezy… at least it is here in Vermont. Were I still in Kansas City I’d be sweating my tucus off right about now.

If you’re suffering Summer’s swelter in your neck of the woods, you might turn to one of those iced frappy ‘ccino concoctions, or even a simple iced coffee [which is always tastiest when the coffee has been cold-brewed in a coffee toddy.]

If the urge for an adult beverage strikes, there’s the coffee martini. There’s a lot of sickly-sweet dirty martinis out there, so have a care what you order. Or, take matters in to your own hands and make your own, with this handy guide from the folks at I Need Coffee.

This recipe, in particular, is on your author’s short list:

  • 1 shot: Classic Italian Espresso blend
  • 1 shot: Kaluah
  • 1 shot: Stoli Coffee
  • 1 shot: Stoli Vanilla

Served in a chilled martini glass, shaken or stirred. I’d be inclined to double the espresso and maybe just wave the Stoli Vanilla in the general direction of the ice-cold martini glass… but that’s just me.

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