A final [really!] round-up of SCAA events, memoirs and exposés from around the webisphere…

One thing is clear: there was simply so much happening in so many places that it’s impossible to catch it all… or even to be aware of what might be happening right under your nose. That’s the only way I can explain that I prolly stood next to Tonx for twenty minutes, each of us engaged in conversation with somebody else and — for my part, anyway — never making the connection of who that guy at my elbow was. See Tonx’s many photos and accounts of the SCCA experience.

Coffee Geek’s coverage ranged far and wide this year, with not only the Coffee Kid himself reporting, but also a posse of camera-totin’ CG Girls. [Coffee Chicks?]

Then there’s Chris [call me hop-a-long] Tacy’s journal entries at Godshot and Jimmy’s at EspressoLabs and Owen seems to have finally completed his photo series at PoutineEspresso. Of course, don’t forget to visit the whirlwind networking diva of fine coffee, Fortune.

This weekend, the silence is nearly deafening. After days of conversation — often with a dozen people at once — and the near-constant whir and bang of espresso grinders and frenetic baristas [the Australian contingent seemingly the most frenetic among them] the quiet is now disquieting. As is the dawning realization that there are fewer coffee houses here in the state of Vermont than there were in a 10 city-block radius of my hotel in downtown Seattle, and that if I want to have an over-the-top cappuccino experience I’ll need to unpack my gear, still in boxes from my Kansas City migration, and make it my own damn self.

Which, in retrospect, is not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all…

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