While day one at SCAA in Seattle offered a number of notable moments, not the least of which was an affirming and thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable keynote by Jane Goodall — yes, that Jane Goodall — in my mind it was an after-hours event at Hines Public Market coffee house that really capped the day.

Hines’ baristi — and more than a few talented counter folks from espresso bars from ’round the country and around the world — kept this five-group La Marzocco humming all night long.

The result: tazzo after tazzo of fabulous coffee… like this lovely espresso macchiato.

In Hines’ La Marzocco Lounge, a gleaming chrome mini-museum of vintage espresso machines — like this pristine La Marzocco paddle-group — fired the imagination, and more than a little gear-envy. [By the way, that’s Green Mountain’s Don Holly gesticulating in the background.]

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