So you’ve found your way out of the labyrinth of canned coffee at the megamart. You’ve discovered a roaster in your home-town —or maybe one on the web— that roasts with the care of a craftsman and the inspiration of a Renaissance painter. You order whole bean coffee and grind just before brewing… in a 10 year-old auto-drip brewer?

Stop. Back away from that ancient coffee-maker…

Times have changed. Brewing tech has changed too, right? Well, not so much as you might hope. There are far, far too few brewers that brew hot enough, or offer brew baskets large enough for reasonable coffee ratios and turbulence during the brew cycle. And what’s with the hurry? It takes time —about four minutes— to extract all the goodness from those artisanally-prepared beans.

All is not lost! There are brewers on the market that can live up to your highest expectations, and deliver coffee-house aroma and taste and body and brightness… I know there are. There have to be. Somewhere.

Stay tuned.

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