Regular readers (some 1,500 of you this week — so nice of you to drop by!) might note some changes…

Change number 1 — I’ve added a fun new feature to the right… “A few thousand words.” I’m taking advantage of the ability to take a tiny snapshot with my cell-phone, add a quick caption and post it instantly online (a blog within a blog, a MoBlog, in particular.) I have no idea what may show up there, and that’s at least half the fun.

Change number 2 — I’ve removed search. I originally added search capability at least as much for my self as for anyone else… It’s been handy to be able to quickly find prior posts on a subject I’m writing about so I could link them in for context. This was a very spiffy thing until Atomz search decided on a whim to toss ads into the search results. I’m committed to keeping Bloggle a non-commercial, ad-free zone; so Atomz is out of here. Mind you, Atomz is still a spiffy tool and I’d still recommend them to most anyone looking for a commercial search solution… I guess they’ve just outgrown the personal, non-commercial search space.

So far as search capability goes, there’s really no loss; it’s just as easy to search this site on Google (try this in Google’s search field: “ search-phrase”). Google does a great job of exhaustively crawling these pages… They visit daily.

And now, back to our regular drivel.

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