It’s the most wonderful time of year for Central American coffees… The harvest was finishing up back in late January and February, the coffees have “rested” in their parchment for 60 to 90 days, and now (finally!) new crop beans are landing on our shores. And if you think I sound a little giddy about it, read Tom’s “Christmas in May” notes at SweetMarias.

What am I doing reading SweetMarias? After all, I’m sitting now just a hundred yards away from thousands of pounds of top-quality green coffees from all over the planet, sourced by the incomparable Lindsey Bolger and the fine folks on the Green Mountain coffee team. The simple answer is, I can’t help myself! There’s just so much diversity of flavor out there to be enjoyed… and I want it all.

So, yes, the UPS man will soon be making green deliveries to chez Cadmus. I’ll try not to embarrass myself (again) this year with my “The New Crop Coffees Are In” dance.

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