Home brewers and home roasters have a long-held tradition of swapping the fruits of their labors… it’s an opportunity to get some informed feedback about your own brew (be it hopped or caffeinated) and the experience of sampling other folks’ efforts is very often its own reward.

A while back microbreweries got in on the game, offering “guest-taps” of libations from far-flung places, and now some microroasters and espresso bars are getting in on the game. Victrola Coffee recently offered espresso blends roasted by the gang at Sili Valley’s Barefoot Coffee Roasters and from my old stomping grounds, Broadway Cafe in Kansas City.

This week Victrola’s own Streamline blend will be pulled by the gang behind the bar at 9th Street Espresso in New York. Get it while you can! While you’re there, be sure to get your hands on the very spiffy Espressocraft tamper that wowed the crowd at the SCAA conference in Seattle; it was created at 9th Street.

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