Middlebury, Vermont. Home to more than its share of craftsman and artisans… and large wooden roosters. This weekend artists all over the state are throwing open the doors to their studios, affording a first-hand look at the art of… well, art itself.

First, however… a side-trip to the farm-stand owned by a friend (co-worker) of herself. Yes, one of these colorful watering cans came home with us.

Any trip to Middlebury requires a visit to Danforth Pewterers. Here Fred Danforth is spinning pewter. If you look through the window to the case beyond you can see some pewter items made by his pewtering family up to five generations ago. Fred and Judi are truly talented people… I’m pleased to know ’em.

Much of Middlebury’s town center gathers round these historic mills and marbleworks… the stonework is as solid today as when it was laid hundreds of years ago.

Back in the day Otter Creek powered those mills. Today its falls and pools are just dazzling to look at and listen to. Hear their roar… (oh, no sound. sorry.)

On the return trip, a brief stop at Shelburne Farms. We’d been teased by stormclouds much of the day; this mix of clouds and mountains and rays of light was too grand to ignore… and a lovely way to end the day.

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