I’ve long been ambivalent of flavored coffees. I tend toward the naturally nuanced flavors of a single-origin cup, or the many-layered flavors of a well-balanced blend. So it feels like something of a dirty little secret to reveal that I’ve been drinking a lot of flavored coffees of late.

Sure, I could plead extrinsic circumstance; justify it in the name of research. I could, that is… if I hadn’t thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So here’s the whole truth — flavored coffees are a pretty nifty way to make refreshing summer iced coffee without sugar syrups and the calories and carbs they add to the mix. Add a cocktail shaker full of ice and some heavy cream and you’re on the fast track to a fiendishly frosty coffee concoction.

Get the rest of the iced coffee story at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. And don’t forget the recipes. [A word of caution… the Viennese Cinnamon coffee cooler may be slightly addicting.]

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