It’s just you, Mother Nature, and an empty coffee cup. What’cha gonna do, MacGyver?

It wouldn’t be summer without at least one post on Camp Coffee (mind you, that’s Camp Coffee, not Cowboy Coffee).

This ode to coffee would appear to be a newly-made-available-online link from the folks at Backpacker magazine… and I can’t imagine how it could stumble given its preamble:

“Today is going to be beautiful. I awaken to warbling and the cheery glow of sunlight streaming through nylon walls. I lie in my bag, imagining the sweetness that awaits: the miles of empty trail, the triumph of switchbacks tamed, the bracing dip in an alpine lake, the hearty Asian dinner and starry dessert. It’s going to be epic.

“Of course, if I don’t get coffee in the next 15 minutes, all those warblers and switchbacks and even that glorious Pad Thai can go screw themselves. Without a rousing cup of java, there’s no point in unzipping my bag.”

Well said.

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