At Coffee Review, Kenneth Davids has heaped praise on a select group of premium coffees, each of them Cup of Excellence auction lots. The winners — not surprisingly — are pretty much the Who’s Who of today’s specialty roasters, from left coast to right: Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ El Salvador Montecarlos Peaberry, Intelligentsia Coffee’s El Salvador Montecarlos Tablon Crater and Terroir Select Coffee’s Nicaragua Madriz Jose Alfredo Zeledon Cooperative. Ken paints a pretty palate of these uncommon coffees, and awards them 94, 94 and 93 points, respectively. In short, he left me ready to pry open my wallet and try one of each.

The only problem? It doesn’t exactly appear that they’re offered for sale. None of these coffees are to be found on any of these roasters’ web sites, nor are they available on Coffee Review’s companion site,

Surely it’s a simple snafu. Or, perhaps we’ll all simply read about (and long for) some of the best coffees that are unavailable at any price…

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