Chipper Harris at Coffee Kids was kind enough to pass along some updated information on the coffee communities of Guatemala and Mexico in the wake of hurricane Stan… as well as a view on where their relief efforts have focused so far.

Coffee Kids has set up three emergency relief programs to focus on those areas hardest hit by Stan. According to Founder and Executive Director, Bill Fishbein (one of the most genuine people I’ve met, anywhere):

“We’ve made arrangements for urgently needed contributions to be sent immediately to three of our longtime partner organizations: APROS in Guatemala, CAMPO in Oaxaca, Mexico and Icsur in Mexico’s State of Chiapas. These local nonprofit groups are in the best position to determine where the most urgent need is and provide immediate assistance. The funds will be used to provide food, potable water and supplies as well as repair severely damaged roads.�

“We hope that members of the international coffee trade rally immediately to support these devastated communities. The coffee farmers and their families urgently need food, potable water, shelter and supplies.”

Get the whole story at Coffee Kids’ web site and, while you’re there, maybe take a minute to make a contribution to an organization doing meaningful work, at the farm gate and beyond.


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