Ah… Thanksgiving. A day to look back, reflect, and ponder all those things for which we are most grateful. And to stuff ourselves silly on carbolicious food.

Since when are fresh cranberries pink? Pink?! Absurd. No pink cranberries while I’m in charge of the cook-top… nope, it’s the rich, red-hued, three times conventional-priced organic cranberries to go with this year’s organic, locally-farmed turkey (guaranteed, says the turkey-farmer herself, to have gone to its reward with a happy grin on its beak — a privilege apparently reflected in the price I paid for the bird.)

Next year… I’m thinkin’ take-out. Or maybe I’ll lavish attention only on those beloved and traditional side dishes (cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, of course… and maybe even the green bean casserole with the little french-fried onion thingies on top) all served up with sliced turkey from the deli-counter. Or, maybe it’s just the tryptophan talkin’.

Now where’s that pie?

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