I’m especially pleased to see that Kenneth Davids has chosen to highlight coffees of Guatemala and the southern Mexico state of Chiapas — regions hard hit by hurricane Stan — in his November 2005 installment of Coffee Review. Says Ken:

Given Guatemala’s and Chiapas’ long history as two of the world’s great coffee growing regions, regions where coffee is woven tightly into the fabric of the lives of the mainly indigenous small growers, quiet, hard-working people whom many of us have visited and come to admire for their tenacious spirit and often superb coffee, it seemed appropriate to celebrate Guatemala and Chiapas coffees with a review of some of the great coffees that yearly emerge from the cooperatives and farms of these regions.

Clearly the best thing to do when disaster strikes the people of a coffee growing region is to continue to buy their coffees, and the worst is to stop buying them. We need not only to be generous in our outright gifts of support for affected growers (see the end of this article), but also in our continued appreciation and recognition of their achievement.

Gifts of support (the same the Ken refers to, above) can be made to:

  • Coffee Kids is not a relief organization as such, but one that offers continuing and dedicated support to coffee communities around the world. They’ve set up a special fund and outreach program to help Stan’s victims.
  • Coffee Quality Institute is working directly with the growers at the especially hard-hit La Voz qui Clama en el Desierto (La Voz). No online collection, instead please send your tax-deductible donation in the form of a check made out to “CQI/La Voz” to: Coffee Quality Institute 330 Golden Shore, Suite 50 Long Beach, CA 90802 Attn: Mike Pomerleau.
  • Project HOPE has worked establishing health clinics in Guatemalan coffee-growing areas since 1976. They’re soliciting tax-deductible donations to support immediate humanitarian medical assistance and long-term recovery and reconstruction in the coffee-growing regions of Guatemala.


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