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More on the Clover


Chris Tacy rambles passionately (okay, he gushes a little bit) on the Clover, and what it might could mean — maybe — for brewed coffee in a specialty roaster / retailer shop.

…I love the idea of offering the consumer a choice. They can have any of the coffees – brewed to order – right then. That, to me, really changes the dynamics here. It starts (finally) really moving us away from the whole “coffee is coffee; coffee is a commodity” thing. It really creates in the mind of the consumer the idea that coffees taste different from eachother.

And perhaps most of all – it treats the coffees with respect.

Author: deCadmus

Doug Cadmus is a usability guy, writer and sometime dramatist who moved to Vermont for the coffee, where he's the Web Guy for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. When not writing, reading, or tapping out haiku-like Twitter posts, he roasts coffee in his garage.

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