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The story on the oh-so-hipster bag says that Henry’s Blend is “named after the big friendly cat that once lived at the original Seattle’s Best Coffee roasting plant on Vashon Island.”

Aptly so.

The trouble with a stray cat is, that cat’s never really gonna be your friend. A stray cat’s got no boss, no loyalties and no apologies — ever. Oh sure, you might think that cat’s your buddy… but you’re kidding yourself. If a better deal comes along it’s outta here and gone, and don’t you go making the mistake of getting in its way. No sir, a stray cat is inconstant as a November sky.

And so too, it seems, is Henry’s Blend. While its roast remains much the same, I’ve yet to meet two bags that had much in common in terms of aroma (maybe caramelly, maybe creosote) or taste (maybe smoky cedar, maybe burnt peatmoss) or finish (long and resonant, or ashy and sullen.)

So be careful of that friendly stray — don’t get too attached. And while you’re at it, I’d steer clear of Henry’s Blend. There’s a world of great coffees out there just waiting for you. This isn’t one of them.

Not recommended.

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