Bloggle is back from extended vacation. What… you didn’t know I was taking a vacation? Neither did I. I’m pleased to say that news of my death is largely exaggerated… and that, with removal of my appendix, I now weigh some 2 oz. less than I did before the holidays. Maybe I can quit the low carb thing now?

So… what’s been happening while I’ve been away?

The Brazil Cup of Excellence auction hit the stratosphere with a winning bid of $49.75 (US) per pound for a lot of 12 bags of coffee from Francisco Isidoro Dias Pereira at Fazenda Santa Inês. The coffee scored a whopping 95.85 (out of a possible 100 points) with an international jury of cuppers — and I’m told that at least three of the cuppers awarded the coffee a perfect score.

One of the winning bidders was Vince Piccolo of Vancouver’s Caffe Artigiano, who plans to sell his exceptional auction lot for $5 a cup at his cafes… brewed a cup at a time in the Clover coffee brewer.

And you may remember New Hampshire’s Black Bear Micro Roastery, who a couple years back found themselves on the pointy end of a lawsuit brought by Starbucks? It seems the Mermaid had an issue with Black Bear’s rather playful jab — in which they named their darkest roast blend “Charbucks”. Well the little-roaster-that-could won the day, and the judge hearing the case ruled against Starbucks.

And speaking of the Siren of the Pac Northwest, didja know you can get a properly prepared cappa at your corner Starbucks counter? Slate’s intrepid investigators reveal the secret code, “Make it a short”. Mind you, this will get you a reasonable coffee to milk ratio… the texturing of that drink is still up to your friendly person behind the counter. Make sure they’re on top of their game — before you visit, read up on Bloggle’s tips for finding a great coffee-house.

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