In the latest issue of Roast Magazine, Willem Boot offers an article that in many ways echoes a post from Bloggle’s pre-history pages (and don’t miss the wayback machine version!) though he digs much deeper where I merely scratch the surface… and offers a much better ratio of hints and tips to irony and wisecracking. He’s a pro. 😉

One day I believed I had found the ideal marriage between three coffee types: Panama, India Mysore and Tanzania AA. Each component was roasted to its own distinct degree, and after blending the beans I brewed some regular drip filter, followed by a French press preparation. The blend was delicious; the refreshing acidity of the Panama and the nutty flavor tones of the India Mysore combined beautifully with the chocolate and berry notes of the Tanzania AA. When I tried to re-create the blend, I realized that I hadn’t kept any bean samples of the individual coffees, nor had I made any detailed notes during the roast process. Despite many frantic attempts, I have not been able to successfully craft my “phantom� blend again.

Doh! I hate it when that happens.

This is one of those bits of Roast’s writing that should be required reading for anybody who’s considering the possibilities of fire and green coffee beans, whether you’re a home-roaster or the proprietor of a coffee-house thinking of roasting your own.

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