Oh, bother.

Since moving to our tiny little homestead in Vermont, what with its galley kitchen and severe lack of counter-space, I’d pretty much given up on home-grown espresso until we’d moved to a grown-up place… i.e. to a home we might someday buy or build here that has a more or less dedicated space for my coffee adventures. Until then my plan was to make-do. Make-do with hit-and-miss espresso beverages from local coffee shops. Make-do with an infrequent dose of espresso nirvana from the coffee lab at Green Mountain (where I too rarely have opportunity to show my face, much less beg a cappuccino.) Oh there’s plenty of brewed coffee to enjoy, sure enough… but for espresso, make-do.

Of late, even herself has expressed some dissatisfaction with the status quo. She likes her occasional chocolate cappuccino, after all, and she rather likes the way I make them. Or made them… back in the day that we had room in the kitchen for Miss Silvia. Mind you I’ve never yet measured up to the standards set by the crew at Riley’s Coffee, but Riley’s is an inconvenient one thousand one hundred sixty-six miles away, and — Doh! Newsflash… it’s closed! — boy, I need to get out more. (I’ll follow-up with Barry and his plans, soon.)

Meanwhile, over the weekend herself cleared a spot on the kitchen counter that I suspect is just about the right size for an espresso machine… we’ll soon see. 😉

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