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For her morning cup, herself brewed some of Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry, which as flavored coffees go, doesn’t suck. This is not faint praise, but my own inner struggle with flavored coffees. [Yes, I know folks have been flavoring beans since time began… but too many flavored coffees strike me as so much potpourri.] And then, herself kind soul that she is brewed some of ye ol’ Mocha Java of Yore for my to-go cup.

As a result my to-go cup featured blueberry nuances such that I might taste were there some dry-processed Ethiopian Harrar in the blend. While the net effect of this particular cup was quite complimentary, it was also a warning… had this been a Hazelnut incident, it might have led to cross words and great sorrow.

Repeat after me, people: natural and flavored coffees shouldn’t share the same grinder!

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