Congrats to Philip Baruth, whose wicked good political blog — Vermont Daily Briefing — takes home this year’s Seven Daisies Award for Best Vermont Blog.

I’m a regular reader of VDB, and I marvel at Philip’s ability to channel his inner absurdist to comment on the local and national political stage with both acerbic wit and elan. Particularly so when the self-same events he chronicles send me into lathers of righteous indignation and the only comments I can think of I am entirely unwilling to print, ’cause, you know… I wouldn’t want my Mom to read that kind of thing. (This explains why Bloggle remains virtually politics-free.)

Kudos, Philip!

But keep in mind… this whole oh-we’re-interested-in-politics thing is probably just a flash in the pan. I predict next year it’s back to bread and circuses, as usual.

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