When we cupped the Colombia First Harvest Cup of Excellence coffees in April, the number 3 lot — La Virginia — wasn’t on the table. It was, at 48 bags of coffee, quite a large offering as as auction lots go, and far more than we could offer through our Special Reserve program. So it seemed only reasonable at the time to not include it in an already large field of coffees. Reasonable, maybe… but a cryin’ shame, ’cause thanks to Andrew Barnett at Ecco Caffe I’ve discovered that the La Virginia is a stunning cup. A full review is forthcoming; for now I’ll simply suggest you go buy some. It’s phenomenal.

Also on the tasting table… another Ecco Caffe selection, two more from Coffee Emergency, a trio of offerings from Jeff Taylor at PT’s Coffee, some curious but curiously apropos blends from Boca Java, and a taste of Peet’s Panama Esmeralda Reserve.

Finally, Barry Jarrett at Riley’s Coffee reprises his role as quiz master a la The Mystery Cup Challenge, and has sent me two coffees simply labeled “A” and “B”. Can’t wait to tear into those…

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